Automated & Non-Stopping

Scan + Check of Airfield Ground Lighting

AGL Maintenance Challenges

To comply with ICAO & FAA requirements, aerodrome lightings must be daily inspected for their integrities. AGLSIS is designed to provide a highly efficient, well-organised way to automatically inspect, monitor & document these lightings -- without manually walk on runway and stop at each lighting for integrity inspection.

  Powerful App

All AGL records are well-organised and accessible on AGLSIS app. You can check high-quality image & inspection results on each AGL by clicking on the app. AGLSIS helps streamlining your AGL maintenance with cloud management & advanced automation technologies.

  6 Minutes. All Runway Centreline AGLs

AGLSIS can automatically scan & inspect AGLs - without any stopping. For example, on a 4 km or 2.5 miles runway, It just takes <6 minutes to complete inspection of all runway centreline AGLs. It supports other AGL types, such as touch-down zone AGL, threshold AGL, rapid exit AGL, taxiway centreline AGL. Hassle-free.

  One Rover. All Settled

Integration of AGLSIS to your AGL maintenance routines couldn't be easier. AGLSIS is a trailer. Just lock on a hitch receiver then go. All results are clouded automatically. Click on the app to browse, search & share AGL records. 

Number of Crack Detection

Missing Fastener Detection

Loosen Fastener Detection

Missing Ring Detection

Missing Inset Fitting Detection

Faulty Light Detection

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